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30 Day Criminal Minds Challenge

Day 6. Favorite place the BAU has visited? (because i miss it yesterday :c)

Las Vegas c: (only a screenshot from spence in a casino :c)

Day 7. You’ve been kidnapped, and the BAU is doing victimology on you. What would they find in your room?

they would find out, that i’m a anime & manga fan. in one of my wardrobes and my desk they find my mangas; in a other wardrobe they can find my cosplays and the wigs.
on my bookschelf they find some books like ‘house of night’, ‘city of bones & city of ashes’ & ‘under the dome’ they can also see my dvds from blood-c, tsubasa reservoir chronicle, xxxholic and trc movie, durarara and some others; so they know: i like blood <.<
some ‘how to draw manga’ books are there too…
i’m a little bit messy so my room isn’t that clean for a girl; i’m a little more boyish, so i think it would be a little bit messy in my room °^°
on my walls are some posters from animes and many pictures from katekyo hitman reborn. at the end they can find out that i’m a little bit schizophrenic.

30 Day Criminal Minds Challenge

Day 2. What season did you start watching?

wow… i think it was 2x15 (Revelations (2)). i was a child when i started to watch it so i can’t remember it clearly, but when i rewatched this episode a few days ago, my memories came back from a few parts of this episode and i started to cry, because this episode brokes my heart QwQ

so i think it was season 2 when i started to watch criminal minds :3 (now i started from the first episode from season one and watch all episodes xDD)

30 Day Criminal Minds Challenge

Day 1. Favorite episode?

8x06 (The Apprenticeship) is one of my favortie episodes from cm ‘cause i really like the softball match and the cute scenes from derek and spencer after their team won the match :3